Insurance and Fees

You are responsible for payment of all charges for medical services provided by the clinic. The clinic will submit insurance claims to all major insurance carriers on your behalf, but it is your responsibility to make sure that the bill is paid promptly. You will be sent a statement with the patient portion of the service (including any unpaid copays) after insurance reimbursement has been received. Copays are due at time of service. We accept cash, check, debit cards and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover). 

Due to a wide range of insurance plans it is impossible for the office to know what your plan covers and what it doesn't. We ask that you contact your insurance about services prior to your visit so you can work with your provider in providing the appropriate services or understand that your plan does not cover them and you will be responsible for them. Annual physicals especially can be an issue with the different plans as they have different criteria such as how often they can be done in a year, lab work that is covered or not and so forth. Please help us to help you with these costs by knowing what your insurance will do and what they won't do.

We scan insurance cards so please bring them with you. When you have a change in your insurance or a new card we ask that you notifiy us of it and we will replace the old scanned card with your new one. It is a good idea to bring your card with you to each visit in case we have a question or problem with the previously scanned card.

Medicaid patients MUST present their Benefits Verification EACH MONTH.

Our fees are directly related to the complexity of the examination, discussion or treatment.

If you have questions about your bill or insurance, please call (402) 486-7206.