To Contact us

Please contact our office at (402) 421-3240 between the hours of 8:15 am and 4:00 pm. If you need to speak with your nurse please press 2, listen for your physician's name and follow the prompts. If you are in need of an appointment for anything other than a same day appointment, please press 1 for the appointment desk. Only the nurses can make same day appointments. If that is what you need please follow the steps for reaching the nurse. We do not interrupt patient care for phone calls unless it is an emergency such as chest pain, shortness of breath, severe allergic reaction, or a servere asthma attack.

You can reach the on-call physician after regular office hours by calling 402-421-3240 and our answering service will help you. You will need to listen to our office message before the answering service comes on the line.